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The Alexander Material by Ramon Stevens

For over 20 years, spirit teacher Alexander has been speaking through trance channel Ramón Stevens. Their collaboration, through books, newsletters, and personal appearances, has reached thousands around the world. Alexander speaks on a broad range of issues from the metaphysical to the sensual and, most recently, has addressed urgent issues like global warming and terrorism.

The Alexander Material appeals to readers eager to expand their worldview beyond the confines of traditional science and religion; who intuit a greater reality than the evidence of our senses. Practical, lucid, and meticulously written, the Alexander Material is your gateway to deeper comprehension of who you are, why you are here, and how the earthly and spiritual realms create your life's experience.

Many readers have compared Alexander to Seth, the entity channeled by Jane Roberts. Her husband and collaborator, Robert F. Butts, endorsed the Alexander Material and wrote, "Alexander gives fresh insights into what is probably the oldest, most basic set of questions we mortals struggle with."
“The collected teachings of Alexander contain the most accessible explanations of the mechanics of health, illness and life on this planet that I have yet encountered. The processes and techniques he first described 20 years ago are now being validated by modern scientific research, and suggest that he has presented a blueprint for ‘How it works’ that can be utilized by all of us.”

Eric Leskowitz, M.D., Harvard Medical School

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